Don’t Dilly Dally And Do Your Christmas Shopping Now

I’m sure many of you are aware by now that Christmas is already around the corner. Halloween is still a fresh memory for some and Thanksgiving is fast approaching but we know what follows next, right? Some people only got their eyes on Christmas especially the young because why shouldn’t they? It’s the most wonderful time of the year. And we know what’s as equally good as sumptuous meals and bonding with family and friends – Christmas presents. Some people put in a lot of effort and spend time in looking for or crafting the best presents for the people who mean the most to them. However, because of life responsibilities, many put off holiday shopping until about the last minute and panic at not completing their gifts yet and that prices have soared significantly and the choices limited. Meanwhile, the smart folks just find excellent sales online and get their shopping done quickly!

We must admit it that as easy as it may sound, gift-shopping is no easy task. First of all, you need extra money to pay for gifts and you need time to put together the list of people you are giving gifts to and what they would likely want to receive from you. It’s almost next to impossible if you’re a busy millennial today that juggles a lot of work, social, family, and personal tasks and issues on a day-to-day basis. And many times, most of you will likely put it off for as long as you can because you justify by saying that Christmas is still far away but reality check, that day will eventually come sooner rather than later. So, why not get started on it today when you still have time to choose for presents and not just grab the first thing you see on the shelves during last-minute shopping.

Plan ahead

This is crucial. Heading into town without a list of people you need to buy for and a vague idea of what their presents should be is how disasters like last year happen – when you forgot to get Aunty Sally anything and she cried and asked you why you can’t be more like your sister.

Carefully check and double check that you’ve got the right amount of names on your list – run past Mum if necessary. Then, work out a gift idea for each person. Write down the names of the shops that’ll sell it.

This is a no-fail Christmas shopping tip. Always plan ahead and do your research. You should know who to gives gifts to and what possible gifts to buy and then scout the local shopping scene in your area if where you can go to first or which shops sell the best deals among the items that you are looking for.

Don’t get hung up

You’re not going to get the ‘perfect’ present through one day of shopping. You’ve got about as much chance of nailing Dad’s best ever present in the time you’ve given yourself than Donald Trump does of convincing us he’s not one of those aliens off The Simpsons in disguise.

You’re aiming for a ‘good’ level of present which means that, rather than trying to be totally unique, stick to standard dad gifts; DVDs, socks, books by comedians you don’t find funny… It’s time to accept defeat and do what you can in the time you’ve got left.


Of course, we want to give perfect presents and not just any present to our loved ones but let’s be realistic too. You may have to scout several shops first before you can find something that catches your fancy and might meet your gift criteria that most importantly fits your budget. You don’t just buy any gift. Remember that. And while it is not possible to do it in one day alone, you can do so much quicker if you try another unconventional way of shopping that is common nowadays – online shopping.

Massey University Professor of Marketing Harald van Heerde said the digital age of shopping was already encroaching on consumer habits by way of cross-shopping.

“I think the big trend is this cross-shopping where consumers use multiple channels, physical stores and online, and they search both and then finally make the purchase either online or offline.”

The professor said this situation, where consumers used physical stores as fitting rooms before purchasing items for a cheaper rate online, had already presented itself as a big fear for brick and mortar stores.


Let’s face it. A big chunk of the population has chosen online shopping as their preferred way of buying things. It’s more convenient and you have just as many choices as the entire mall without having to walk a single step at all. Everything can be conveniently done with a click of a button and you’re good to go. Your items will be delivered to your doorstep. It’s no wonder many have given up on traditional shopping altogether as they hate the idea of shopping in crowded places for hours and still end up empty-handed because you did not find anything you like. Such an irony, really. It’s also to blame why many big establishments and malls are closing up as there are no more people coming there to buy. But for you, you no longer have to worry about finishing your Christmas list ahead of time by ordering online and you still have days to spare even after your orders have arrived to make time for gift-wrapping.

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