Are You Ready To Adopt A Pet?

Not everyone is meant to be pet parents. It’s a reality of life. Some people don’t just have the soft spot to care for another living being that is not human. It takes a big heart and a great deal of patience to support the needs of an animal friend aside from showering them with the tender love and care they also need as much as humans do. And you would actually be surprised to learn that animals have a lot of needs too and caring for them can be quite expensive as well, so owning one as a pet isn’t really something for everyone. You have responsibilities as if you are also raising a young child. So imagine how difficult it must be for strays to keep themselves alive and safe from the elements without owners to look after them.

However, a lot of animals have recently become orphans because of the onslaught of the destructive hurricanes that hit certain parts of the nation. Some of them are already strays fending for themselves while the rest are pets that have either been left behind, in short abandoned, by or have been separated from their owners. Many of them were rescued by local animal shelters. Unfortunately, they are so many that these shelters can’t accommodate them all. So, are you ready to welcome one furry friend into your home or not?

This weekend, local animal lovers will have the chance to adopt cats and dogs affected by Hurricane Harvey free of charge.

The Aggieland Humane Society’s annual fee-waived adoption event will be held on Saturday, hosted by the Sterling Subaru dealership in Bryan. The company has paid for all the adoption fees of Humane Society animals that will be available, including the standard “adoption package,” which includes free microchipping, spay/neuter surgery, vaccinations and a month of pet insurance.

Several of the animals that will be available were displaced in Houston after Hurricane Harvey. The event will feature both adult cats and dogs, as well as puppies and kittens. Animals will be staged on site at the Sterling Subaru dealership off of Texas 6 in Bryan, from 10 a.m. till 4 p.m.


It’s probably the best time for you to become a pet owner yourself with the number of poor, homeless animals cramped in animal shelters right now. Well, some will eventually be fetched by their owners but many are still left homeless for long. Why not give it a try and experience for yourself what it is like to receive the unconditional love of another living being who patiently waits for you to come home each day.

“Seattle Humane staff and volunteers, along with several other local shelters, will be waiting to receive the animals,” spokeswoman Amanda Anderson. “This is the first of several expected flights to Seattle to help shelters that are directly housing displaced pets outside of Houston.”

The Seattle Humane team will transport pets to a shelter in Bellevue, where they will be placed for adoption. Seattle Humane, which started in Seattle and is now located on the Eastside, also is organizing an emergency foster care orientation for perspective volunteers who can temporarily house pets from Texas. People who want to volunteer are asked to email 


Of course, the first priorities are the certified homeless animals while the ones with suspected owners or those with pet tags or those saved from abandoned homes will be left behind in shelters in the hopes that their owners will come back for them. Not everyone is expected to extend help and open up their homes to new animals, especially grown ones but it won’t hurt if you open up your mind and try caring for one before you even start complaining. Having a pet has its pros and cons but all your hardship won’t matter if you have fallen in love with that adorable four-legged creature that you now call your own.

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