The Power Of Online Advertising

The world is cluttered with all sorts of products, services, or just about anything else man can think of today. The population is growing, which also means there is a bigger market you can tap or possibly an entirely new audience for whatever you have in mind. After all, many of the things we now use today started as nothings yet they were able to change people’s perspectives until everyone can no longer live without these good or services in their lives. The Internet has a lot to do with all these changes and it is a platform that has totally changed the way we all live our lives today.

Business owners can now sell to an international market and not just to the ones back home because of the power of the web. With just a click of a button, consumers from various parts of the world can shop for the things they like in an instant and it is even made more comfortable as these products are delivered right to their doorsteps. To stay competitive in the global market, entrepreneurs must utilize whatever tools they have readily available at their disposal and it greatly involves the web. Online advertising is the new norm and there are various ways for you to get noticed by consumers if you just know what you are doing.

Wal-Mart has been quietly building up its online advertising business, opening up a new revenue channel for the retail giant.

According to KeyBanc’s Ed Yruma, Wal-Mart’s website has started to show banner ads by third-party sellers more frequently, with links to product pages or vendor websites. Historically, Wal-Mart’s online ads have highlighted its own products or discounts, Yruma said.

On top of that, Wal-Mart has recently started linking its in-store and online shopping data, giving more in-depth data that advertisers could play with, he said. Wal-Mart already offers plenty of online ad options, including display media, native ads and programmatic buying programs.

“We believe Walmart recently began intensifying focus on its advertising business,” Yruma wrote in a note published this week.


Big companies know how crucial it is to maintain your online presence on the web. Staying relevant has become synonymous with staying competitive in today’s market. Online advertising offers you all the perks of traditional advertising but on a platform that is the most widely used today.

Google and Facebook should look over their shoulders.

Online advertising, which is one of Amazon’s fastest growing businesses right now, competes directly with them.

According to the company’s second quarter earnings, Amazon’s “other” sales category grew more than anything else. 

That category includes Amazon’s advertising business, as well as other items like cobranded credit cards.

It saw more growth in the quarter than Amazon’s massive money-spinner AWS, and more than actual retail sales.


Just look at Amazon. Its humble beginnings as an online bookstore are way buried now in history books as it emerged to be an e-commerce giant alongside eBay and become even more when it comes to online advertising. With roughly 51% in growth yearly, Amazon’s other category is racking in more money for the company than their actual sales business.

Public companies like Rubicon Project are looking for buyers, and those that are getting acquired — like Rocket Fuel — are pulling in a fraction of their once lofty valuations.

Plus of course, there’s the looming sense that Facebook and Google are taking over the world.

If any ad tech company has been able to stay above the fray, it has been The Trade Desk, which specializes in helping ad agencies buy ads using software. Since it went public, the company has seen its valuation climb steadily. It debuted with a price of $18 and it is currently trading for in the $50-plus range. The firm reports earnings next week.


The freedom given by online advertising to businesses is the best perk it offers to entrepreneurs especially that the web is so big and saturating it is next to impossible without the right tools in hand. The best part of online advertising is that there are various types you can use that will work best for your business from SEO, PPC, Blogging, Social Network Advertising, Rich Media Ads, Affiliate Marketing, and many others. Take advantage of this powerful medium in selling your product or service and you can never go wrong. You’ll see your profits increase as your business grows in a tech-dominated world.

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