Streaming Is The New TV

That big black box where a moving picture with sounds is shown has always been the highlight of every home. Most families bonded over a movie or two and family members always had a favorite television show they wait for in anticipation weekly. As the years went by, the picture quality improved and you no longer had to watch black and white shows but colored ones. Then came cable TV. Others who don’t want to wait for shows to be aired rented or bought Betamax and VHS tapes until they became available in VCD and DVD format. But with the popularity of the Internet these days, streaming became the preference of many and in a way, it has replaced the role of television in our lives.

If you are clueless as to what Internet streaming really is, it actually is otherwise known as background downloading. It’s basically related to regular downloading but with a twist. You don’t need to wait for long to be able to view a video clip you are downloading because you can already watch it while it downloads. Another difference between the two is that you don’t keep or save a copy of the video you download when you stream. You have to stream it again if you want to watch the same clip once more.

Netflix is the most popular streaming service in the U.S. with more than 52 million households watching last year compared to second place Amazon with only half that audience.

But the growth rate of U.S. subscribers has declined, leading to greater emphasis on acquiring international customers and now the deal with Chinese streaming site iQIYI.

“Their strategy has been to grow quickly, and generally they’ve been pretty successful in that they are present in every major market in the world other than China, although now with this licensing deal they do appear now to be gaining a foothold in the Chinese market as well. The size of the Chinese market is of course remarkable and potentially important to Netflix. And it’s also growing in that the companies in China are moving from an advertising-based model to a more subscription-based model,” ;Thomas Altura of San Jose State University’s School of Management said.

Netflix declined to interviewed, but did put out a statement that said expectations of the deal are modest in scope. The statement also said ‘Our cooperation will be subject to the relevant regulations on online streaming of imported drama and film content in China.’


People often watch music videos, TV series or movies when they stream. Netflix and Youtube are among the favorite streaming sites of Internet users nowadays. You only have to wait for a few seconds before the video starts playing and buffering depends on your Internet connection. People from all over the world are streaming videos almost daily now, thanks to social media that also helps promote these videos that are shared on people’s newsfeed.

Less than a quarter of television viewers around the world prefer to watch shows on regular TV monitors, a dramatic drop that reflects the increasing use of computers and smartphones for entertainment, according to a survey released Monday.

The report from Accenture, a business strategy and technology consulting firm, said the percentage of people surveyed online last fall in 26 countries who said the TV monitor was their first choice dropped by 55 percent compared with a year earlier.

Only 25 percent of Americans said they prefer viewing on TVs, compared with 59 percent just a year ago, Accenture said. Just 10 percent of residents in India preferred TVs, compared with 47 percent a year before.


The rise of smart gadgets also helped this shift in the people’s viewing preference. You can easily watch a video you want from your smartphone as long as you have a stable Internet connection. Also, Internet access became more affordable and accessible to the masses, so there’s no reason now for the average Joe to miss out on the benefits of streaming.

Many teens and young adults today actually prefer to watch from the comfort of their smart gadgets rather than turn on the TV and wait for a show they like and suffer in silence as they watch the commercials in between. They can even watch while on the go. It’s no wonder people claim that smart gadgets and the Internet have rendered “boredom” obsolete in this day and age. Why settle for the waiting game of TV watching when you can watch the show you want when you want it simply by streaming.

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