Phone Tips For When You Travel

Traveling has become a favorite past time of many mainly because airfare became cheaper and navigation isn’t that difficult anymore with the help of smart gadgets and the World Wide Web. Going to different places all over the globe also give you a chance to level up your social media game. You get to take photos in exotic locations or immerse in the local culture that will sure earn you the thumbs up of your friends and followers alike. Others even make money from their traveling experiences especially if they have blogs where they can share what happened during their travel, thereby monetizing your blog.

Your phone can make a big difference to your travels. You can take gorgeous selfies and pictures with it and at the same time use it as a navigation and communication tool. You’ll never get lost again with this in hand. While a smartphone is generally helpful, you should also be aware of data charges or voltage requirements when traveling overseas. Turn off your cell data before stepping on the plane or risk getting shocked of outrageous data charges abroad.

Planning for a vacation or a business travel outside the country is usually fun. However, there are still things to consider to make the travel a safe and convenient one. One thing to make sure that the travel is hassle-free is to set up devices especially mobile phones to cater an international travel.

There are several ways to prep up a phone for an international travel. One way is to maximize the use of Wi-Fi to access social media accounts and other ways of communicating aside from texting and calling through the subscribed network. Be sure to turn off cellular data when going overseas.

If just using the Wi-Fi is not enough to make the overseas trip convenient, take the subscribed American plan abroad. Go to the nearest service center of the subscribed mobile service and avail of the global package. Several network providers offer packages that consist of limited mobile data and unlimited text messages to numerous other countries.


The use of messaging apps is also helpful in staying connected to the web and close to your friends and loved ones during your travel. If you’re going to exotic places, be prepared for poor Internet connection. You can purchase a local prepaid sim, though, so you can avail of available and affordable Internet promos. Just make sure your phone is compatible to the sim before doing just that.

As a general rule—since so few of us change our habits when we change our locations—sticker shock is often the case when we return home from a trip and get our cell phone bills.

So, I turn data and roaming off on my phone the minute I leave the country.

When you begin to count the number of text messages you receive during a regular day and calculate how much some companies charge, it’s outrageous.

My suggestion? Patience.

Text your friends before you leave home and tell them to email you during your trip.

Then use the free WiFi in your hotel lobby, or if the hotel provides it, free WiFi in your hotel room.


While not all public areas have free access to Wifi, you can count on your hotel to provide one for free in the lobby if not in the rooms. While taking a break on your strolls and sightseeing, you can likewise take a quick caffeine fix in a cozy and charming café while taking advantage of the free WiFi service to get connected to the online world before hitting the streets once more. Hotspot service is also a thing now. You can subscribe to it, so you can access various WiFi hotspots all over the world wherever your destination may be.

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