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Trouble In The Arts

We do not always understand one another because the world is such a diverse place. We live in different geographical locations and speak different languages too. But if there is one language spoken by all regardless of race, culture, education, and status in life, it is obviously the arts. None of these factors matter in your appreciation for the arts.

We were all born with artistic sensibilities. The art gives us a sense of calm and balance – away from the chaos of modern living and the fast pace of modern life. But not everyone knows how to appreciate its value. Since not technically considered a human necessity, the art sector will cease to enjoy big funding from the U.S. government.

New York City sees itself as the cultural capital of the nation — if not the world — but its artistic community is suddenly vulnerable to budget cuts in Washington, where the administration of President Trump is considering eliminating the National Endowment for the Arts, which provides millions of dollars each year to groups in the city.

The future is not so bright for those in the arts and everyone else who will be affected by the budget cut. We feel for struggling artists who wants to make a name in this world and give back to the world through the art pieces they make.

“The president and his cabinet are working

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Rekindling Our Interest In The Arts

If there is one thing that speaks so much about our history as a human race, you can see it through artistic expressions all around is. From primitive cave paintings to sophisticated digital art of today’s modern world, we can see man’s evolutionary progress throughout time. These artistic expressions often depicted a period in history and what it was like back then. It tells of stories forever preserved in time for the future generation to see and enjoy. From a young age, we have learned the value of the arts in our growth as a person. We learned more about the world through our abstract drawings and paintings and it will always bring back tons of good memories even as we go on with our lives as adults. Now, technology keeps on advancing and many seem to forget our roots and no longer knows how to appreciate the arts. But knowing the role of the arts in our lives, we just can’t allow that to happen.

Mankind should make a concerted effort to capture everyone’s attention and show the younger generation what the arts is all about. The arts is not just solely limited to visual masterpieces brought to life by artistic minds and hands. The arts can be anything from works of arts to artistic performances that may be done live or not. I’m sure you know what these are because you …

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