Staying Fit And Healthy In The Era of Social Media

People were more active back then. The absence of too much technology prompted people to do things on their own when they can’t rely on a gadget or two to wash their dishes, heat their food or research their homework. Everything was done by scratch. And people led more active lives too. People actually go out of the house to keep themselves entertained since nothing much is on TV and they didn’t have a smartphone to fiddle with.

Nowadays, people can’t get enough of social media. It borders on an addiction/ obsession already. And as we become more dependent and obsessed with technology, the less time we have to move around and take care of our physical health. Even sleep is compromised as you stay up late at night to keep yourself updated on the happenings on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. As a result, our physical health deteriorates and obesity is becoming a global issue. People these days have no time to engage in actual sports but they play all sorts of games on their smartphones, tablets, and computers.

You just won a big game with your team and one way to commemorate the victory is by posting a video of the celebration on your Instagram or Snapchat. Should you post?

You just lost a big game with your team and one way of venting is to post your frustrations on Facebook or Twitter. Should you post? Maybe you should take this play off.


Sounds familiar, right? Oh, the woes of modern living. While we loathe technology for a number of things, we also have a reason to be thankful for it.

Social media has a mixed reputation. You can get sucked in, focus on the negative and even start comparing your experiences to those of your friends. But if you recognize that your friends have bad days, too, and that the world is bigger than the latest political debate, social media can actually be a powerful tool for improving your health.

Maybe it’s counter-intuitive, but social media connects you to friends who can help motivate and inspire you, day after day. If your friends have your back, then their comments on social media will help you push forward when you need it most.

You may have gotten off track from the exercise you promised yourself in the new year, but with summer coming—and beach trips and weddings on the calendar—now is the perfect time to get back into a healthy routine, and you can bring your social network along.

Sharing your intentions with friends is an effective way to maintain healthy habits. 


By broadcasting your fitness goals to your social media circle, you feel more pressured to stick to your plans and deliver the results you wanted because people will definitely ask you for it sooner rather than later. You can even post before and after photos not only to show off your sexy and healthy figure but to inspire others as well. In short, become a fitspiration for all your friends and followers.

For the average student, social media is an entertaining and enjoyable way to communicate with family and friends. For the student athlete, however, a simple tweet can ruin one’s entire athletic career.

Social media popularity – and in turn public scrutiny – continues to grow at a blistering pace. Critical commentary, compromising photos and other questionable content make for some uncomfortable conversations, embarrassing introductions, legal troubles and can potentially cost high-profile athletes millions of dollars.


You can still stay fit and healthy despite the world’s social media obsession. You’d be surprised that social media is a rich resource for articles, videos, and photos of fitness plans and goals that you can do on your own at home. There is no need to spend lots of money on a gym membership or pay for a personal trainer to stay active. You can simply watch a Youtube video online and you are good to go. So, no need to get all stressed up with all your online activity but use it to your advantage to improve your health and physique without spending anything at all.

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