Does The Future Lie With Artificial Intelligence?

Robots. You may have only seen them in the movies or on TV. It’s not as if you can just buy one from the mall and ask it to do your household chores for you, right? It only happens in the movie. While we are surrounded by technology, we still haven’t reached that level yet. That’s way up high in the niches of science and technology. What we have for now are smartphones and Amazon’s Alexa, perhaps? However, they don’t look like the AI we have in mind, a humanoid robot.

But considering that the experts are now refining the technology of quantum computing in their secret labs, we know for sure that the future lies with very advanced technology such as artificial intelligence. Imagine having a robot that talks and thinks for itself. Such a thought is both exciting and scary at the same time. Well, I won’t complain if I end up with Baymax – that is if he is even part of the option. But with the future dominated by AI, the least we can do is to prepare for it, right?

Sage is targeting 16-25 year olds, including school leavers and millennials, with a new initiative looking to teach skills in artificial intelligence (AI) and bots.

The Sage Foundation plans to set up what it is calling a ‘BotCamp’, a programme that will facilitate the training of over one hundred young people within the specified age bracket, aiming to encourage the pursuit of skills that are crucial to the future.

With the rapid move towards these new technologies, skilled individuals are a constant requirement, and the UK skills gap is becoming ever-wider. However Sage is setting out to provide accessible technology skills that will help people to embrace, not fear, the 4th industrial revolution.


Since the youth is the future of the world, it makes perfect sense why companies will invest in teaching them about artificial intelligence and make them feel comfortable to be surrounded by this technology. Their future will likely be dominated by robots, although we’d rather hope not.

Artificial intelligence will take over. But it’s not going to be an apocalyptic scenario, unless the latest U.S. military developments actually come up with a mind of their own.

AI will have control over our everyday lives, but only because we want it to. For some people, Siri or Cortana already play this role, as AI assistants.

A perfect example of AI automation is the US stock market that sees around around 70 percent of trades being done by automated algorithms. Gartner predicts that by 2020 over 80 percent of all customer interactions will be handled by AI. We can already see automation taking over with services like Amazon Go, being advertised as an AI-based shopping experience.


What we fail to realize is that AI is already slowly creeping into our society as we speak. The world is gradually being run by AI right under our noses. But at this rate, our love for technology and all thing social media will prompt us to turn a blind eye and make the transition easier for is, if we’re not already living in it. But up to what extent can AI actually affect our lives? Do you really want to find out?

A tsunami of change is already arriving. Artificial intelligence is now capable of doing desk jobs that were previously safe from automation. The social and economic effects remain to be seen, but is AI what we think it is?
Workplaces that include artificial intelligence (AI) will soon be reality, say researchers who believe the rise of AI in all areas of life is not only inevitable, it’s set to reshape the way we think about consciousness and human identity.

From Metropolis to 2001: A Space Odyssey and The Terminator, robots and super-intelligent AIs in film have seduced and terrified our collective consciousness, having an impact on how we view artificial intelligence. But will they really crush the puny humans and take over the world?


“If you can’t beat them, join them.” How many times have we heard this overused phrase? Regardless of your aversion to technology nor of your hesitance to embrace technology completely, we can’t stop the world from further progressing. A world dominated by artificial intelligence is what’s waiting for us in the future, whether we like it or not. So, learn as much as you can about it as early as now, so you are better prepared once that day comes. Who knows, AI may not be as bad as we think it is after all.

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